Blues Brothers Filming Locations

Blues Brothers Filming Locations

Saturday Night Live has spawned a lot of movies, but perhaps none so iconic as 1980’s The Blues Brothers. This movie stars Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, as well as the grittier side of Chicago’s streets, as Jake and Elwood Blues try to save the orphanage where they were raised. We tried to find as many Blues Brothers filming locations as we could when we were in Chicago, and while it was tough, we found quite a few! (more…)

Ferris Bueller filming locations downtown Chicago

Ferris Bueller Filming Locations in Downtown Chicago

Now that school is out for the summer, I am reminded of my favourite movie about the joys of skipping school – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. This classic love letter to Chicago was undoubtedly our prime reason for visiting the city a few months ago. This movie has taught generations of teenagers that sometimes, life gets better when you don’t follow the rules. Ferris Bueller was filmed in and around the Chicago area, and we found as many Ferris Bueller filming locations as we could on our visit – but today we’ll narrow it down to those taken in the downtown area. (more…)

Ocean's Eleven Chicago Filming Locations Emmit's Irish Pub

Ocean’s Eleven Filming Locations in Chicago

Heist movies are absolutely fantastic, aren’t they? Great heist movies are few and far between, but the Ocean’s movies dominated the first decade of the 2000s. The female-driven spinoff Ocean’s 8 was released this weekend (and was AWESOME, by the way), but it’s still Ocean’s Eleven that is the classic Las Vegas heist movie. George Clooney rounds up his gang of cons around the US, and finds Matt Damon picking pockets on the Chicago ‘L’ train. The Ocean’s Eleven Chicago filming locations can be found in Chicago’s River West neighbourhood, where we went for a few pints in April. (more…)

Sixteen Candles FIlming Locations

Sixteen Candles Filming Locations in Chicago’s Suburbs

Sixteen Candles is a movie I fell in love with as a teenager. It’s incredibly relatable for every girl (and guy) who felt mildly out of place and forgettable in high school, which honestly, is probably every person. Nobody feels like they have it all together in high school, and this is a movie that addresses that. It’s a theme that persists even 35 years later. The Sixteen Candles filming locations look like generic suburban America, which most teens can relate to. (more…)

When Harry Met Sally University of Chicago

When Harry Met Sally…at the University of Chicago

When Harry Met Sally is my favourite movie about New York. From the fall foliage to the New Year’s Eve parties to the infamous scene at Katz’s Deli, this movie just screams New York in the best way possible. My favourite fall tradition is curling up with a hot tea and a cozy blanket on a crisp day and watching Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal in all their quirky glory for what is probably the 111th time. (more…)

Mean Girls High School Filming Location

Mean Girls High School Filming Location

We’ve written before about how Mean Girls, despite being set in Evanston, Illinois, actually was filmed primarily around Toronto. None of the Mean Girls filming locations are as recognizable, however, as the high school it was filmed at. After I saw this movie, the high school became my idea of what a high school should look like. I was pretty disappointed when my high school turned out to not look anything like the one in the movie, and I resigned myself to the fact that the Mean Girls high school filming location was just a part of movie magic that would never be reality to me. (more…)

Hairspray Filming Locations in Toronto

Toronto has disguised itself as 1962 Baltimore at least twice now, most famously in the recent Oscar Best Picture Winner, the Shape of Water. However, the first Toronto-filmed movie set in Baltimore was the 2007 musical, Hairspray. This big budget movie starring John Travolta, Queen Latifah, and Christopher Walken used the Toronto streetcars to great effect in the Hairspray filming locations. Something about Toronto just seems perfect for musicals. (more…)

Good Will Hunting Filming Location at the University of Toronto

One movie I was surprised to find out was partially filmed in Toronto was Good Will Hunting. The Matt Damon and Ben Affleck movie is possibly the most Boston movie to ever exist. It also holds a place in my heart as the only movie to ever win Robin Williams an Oscar. However, this Torontoist article pointed us in the direction of a few different Good Will Hunting filming locations that we never would have found otherwise. (more…)

Chicago filming locations Toronto Distillery District

Finding Chicago in Toronto’s Distillery District

Today is one of my favourite days of the year – Oscar Sunday. While there are so many times the Oscars get it wrong (sometimes literally), it’s always an amusing show, and it always introduces me to movies I may not have watched otherwise.

Ed and I set out recently to figure out if any big Oscar contenders had ever been filmed in Toronto, and we were pleasantly surprised by the ones we learned about. In addition to this year’s front-runner, The Shape of Water, previous Oscar nominees filmed in the GTA include Spotlight, Good Will Hunting, and Room. The movie that surprised us the most, however, was the winner of the 75th Academy Awards – Chicago. Toronto is barely recognizable as 1920s Chicago, and uses filming locations like Casa Loma, Old City Hall, and the Distillery District. (more…)