Now that school is out for the summer, I am reminded of my favourite movie about the joys of skipping school – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. This classic love letter to Chicago was undoubtedly our prime reason for visiting the city a few months ago. This movie has taught generations of teenagers that sometimes, life gets better when you don’t follow the rules. Ferris Bueller was filmed in and around the Chicago area, and we found as many Ferris Bueller filming locations as we could on our visit – but today we’ll narrow it down to those taken in the downtown area.

Ferris Bueller filming locations downtown Chicago

One of Ferris’s first stop in Chicago is the Sears Tower (now known as the Willis Tower). The Willis Tower Skydeck is on of Chicago’s most popular attractions, and honestly, one of the least worth it. The view is spectacular, of course, and we were able to see all the way to Michigan across the lake – but I couldn’t help but think how much nicer it would have been on a quiet afternoon like in Ferris Bueller, rather than behind several school groups and hundreds of other tourists. It does seem they took an idea from Ferris, though – rather than standing on the rails to see down, they now have a glass ‘ledge‘ you can go out on – which we didn’t get to try, thanks to the already-mentioned school groups and other tourists.

Ferris Bueller filming locations downtown Chicago

After lunch, Ferris goes to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. This photo proved challenging to take – Wrigley Field has clearly been expanded substantially since this movie was shot, so it wasn’t a perfect fit. Unfortunately, the Cubs sign also didn’t implore us to Save Ferris on our visit.

Ferris Bueller filming locations downtown Chicago
After Ferris visits the Art Institute of Chicago (which we will cover in another post soon!), Ferris takes over the Von Stueben Day Parade in probably the most iconic scene in the movie. Singing Danke Schoen and Twist and Shout, this scene is almost everybody’s favourite. This scene was located on the stretch of road on North Dearborn Street in front of 33 North Dearborn.

Ferris Bueller filming locations downtown ChicagoFerris Bueller filming locations downtown ChicagoMeanwhile, Cameron and Sloane discuss Ferris in front of Calder’s Flamingo, located down the street a bit by West Adams Street.

Ferris Bueller filming locations downtown Chicago Ferris Bueller filming locations downtown ChicagoWe have many, many more Ferris Bueller photos to share, but unfortunately, there’s so many that it’s going to have to wait for another post! The Ferris Bueller filming locations really include most of Chicago’s most famous attractions in the downtown area, and most of them are a must-see when you are in Chicago.

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